Animal Encounters!

Animal what???  That's right!  We offer animal encounters here at Sharkarosa.  An animal encounter is a private encounter for you and 1 - 5 of your closest friends or family.  It's an opportunity for you to engage with an exotic animal here at the ranch.  A chance to spend 15-20 minutes petting, feeding, and just plain connecting with a kangaroo, lemur, reptile or a sloth and gaining a memory to last a lifetime!  Encounters can be booked in our gift shop upon your arrival to the park.  We do not pre-book our encounters as animals are unpredictable and if we find it not in the animals best interest, then we will suspend that encounter for the day.  Sometimes weather plays a factor as well, so each morning we evaluate the day, and the individual animal, to make the decision as to whether or not the encounter is in the best interest of the animal.  The cost of your encounter experience is $75 in addition to your general admission ticket.  We have limited availability so we recommend that you arrive to the park early in order to book!  We have listed below the animals that are currently involved in the Animal Encounter Program:

Ruffed Lemurs:  Sharkarosa is home to both black and white and red Ruffed Lemurs.  Lemurs are found only on the island of Madagascar and we are fortunate to provide a home for 14 of these beautiful creatures who are on the critically endangered list.  Book your encounter to enter their enclosure and spend the most memorable 15 minutes playing with lemurs!

American Alligator:  Sobek is roughly 4 -4.5ft long.  Alligators grow approximately one foot a year and our boy is way ahead of the game.  The American alligator is found throughout the southern U.S., including the eastern third of Texas.  Sobek is a surrendered alligator and we are thrilled to have him here at the ranch as an educational opportunity.  We are currently building his new enclosure so he has plenty of room to grow.  With help from folks like you, we can make it happen!

Two-toed Sloth:  These guys are our most popular encounter!!  The two-toed sloth is indigenous to Central and South America. They are nocturnal and spend most of their time upside down!  Their hair actually is parted across their stomach and grows toward their back! They have grooved hair that allows algae to grow in it. This gives the sloth a natural forming camouflage in the forest.  We have a very successful sloth program here at the ranch.  We are fortunate that Jack and Janet, our adult pair, are parents to a newborn! Their almost three year old engages in our encounter program and loves to be fed yummy vegies during your encounter!

Kangaroo:  Sharkarosa has two different types of Kangaroo - reds and eastern gray.  (The pictured Kangaroo is a red.) Kangaroos, indigenous to Australia, are marsupials and can jump the length of a school bus!!!  The encounter allows you to enter their habitat here at the ranch and hand feed them.  You are welcome to take as many photographs as you like and to see them in their group setting.  You might also spot our muntjac, Jane Doe with her baby boy, Dumbledeer, or Poptart, our swamp wallaby!  They share the habitat with our roo friends!

For a limited time only:

Meet our babies!  This is Oscar, our 5 week old capybara, and Nymphadora, our 7 week old muntjac.  Capybaras are the world's largest rodent and muntjacs are the world's second smallest deer!  Unfortunately, their mommas weren't capable of taking care of them so they are being cared for by our incredible staff here at the park.  That means feedings through the night, enrichment and lots of loving!!!  They make for an odd "brother/sister" duo, but love snuggling and playing with each other and have formed a bond unlike any we have seen!!  Once they reach the capability to fend for themselves, they will be reintroduced into their respective habitats.  Come spend some time getting to hold and feed these babies - it will be an experience you won't forget!

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