There are many ways to help the animals at Sharkarosa.

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donations for the animals of

sharkarosa wildlife ranch

What better way to give back, than to make a donation that will help the rescued animals of Sharkarosa?

Below is a list of items that our zookeepers use every day to care for the 180+ animals that call Sharkarosa home.  

Please contact our office at 940/686-4600 with any questions regarding donations.

Towels (in good condition)               Bleach                                       Honey

Wash cloths (in good condition)        Dawn dish soap                           Hose nozzles

Blankets (in good condition)             Simple Green                               Craisins

Pet beds                                      Zip ties                                       Combination locks

Peanut butter                                Paper bags - lunch bag size             Dried fruits

Heating pads                               Pedialyte                                     large rubber balls

Nuts                                           Perfumes/colognes                        Flowers not treated with chemicals

Scented lotions                              dry dog food                               catnip

Children's play sand                       marshmallows                              wood shavings

sugar free jello

Cash Wiley was a dear friend and worked closely with Scott Edwards, founder of Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  Cash was lost to us just four years ago.  In honor of Cash Wiley's memory and his work with wildlife, Sharkarosa is building a lion exhibit that will be named the Cash Wiley Memorial Lion Exhibit.  If you would like to be a part of our efforts to complete this enclosure, please click the "donate" button below.  Your donations will help us complete and maintain this enclosure.  Your generosity is appreciated.  All donations to the ranch are tax deductible.  Thank you for your continued support.  

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