Frequently asked questions

1. What if it's raining? Will you still be open?


We make every effort to stay open despite the weather. Light rain will not affect our being open. Cancellations are made only when it becomes unsafe for guests to park in or move about the ranch.


2. What exactly happens on an Open to the Public Day?


We are Open to the Public Saturdays and Sundays all year round as long as the weather permits. On these days, no reservation is required. The entrance gates open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. When you arrive, you will be notified which events or activities are about to start and you are assigned to our next available safari tram ride.  Stay until you've seen everything you wanted to see or stop to have lunch in the middle at our restaurant or pack a sack lunch to enjoy in our courtyard. This means that all interactions with educational animals and self-guided sections of the tour will close at 4:30. If you're coming at the end of the day, we suggest arriving no later than 2 pm to ensure you get at least a taste of everything before the last tram leaves at 4:00 pm. Any one who enters the park after 4:00 p.m. will be unable to ride the safari tram ride. 


3. What should I bring when I come to Sharkarosa?


We always recommend bringing: sunscreen, bug spray, comfortable shoes and clothes.  Open toed shoes are not recommended. On Open to the Public Days and Field Trips, our gift shop will be open with items to purchase. If it looks like rain, please bring the appropriate attire (rain coats, rubber boots & umbrellas)


4. Can I book a private tour,  or field trip on an Open to the Public Day?


Unfortunately, no.  Our field trips and private tours are held during the week and must be booked in advance with the office.  


5.  I see that on Open to the Public Days, children under the age of 2 are free, does that mean that kids 2 and under don't have to pay during private tours, field trips or birthday parties?


No, children 2 and under are only free on Open to the Public Saturdays. If they are walking, they are counted in your group for all other events. 


6. What if we're coming to a field trip or private tour at Sharkarosa and arrive late, can we go back and see the animals we missed?


Unfortunately no. Guests arriving late forfeit any portion of the tour they might have missed. On Open to the Public Days, tours will run continuously all day until the last Safari Tram leaves at 4:00 pm. Any guest who arrives after 4:00 will be unable to ride the safari tram ride.

7. Can I bring a lunch and eat during my private tour?

The use of dining areas is restricted to field trips, events and Open to the Public Days. If you would like to book an event in which you can bring a lunch, please browse through the rest of the Visiting Section. No exceptions will be made.

8. Can I bring food to feed the animals?

No. For the safety of our animals, all feed is provided by the ranch.  


9. Do you have restrooms?

Yes, we do provide very clean Porta-Potties, a full hand-washing station and water fountain.

10. What happens if someone in my party or one of their children has an issue with the guidelines set forth by the ranch staff at the beginning of my tour?


We want your tour to be an incredible adventure! Guests that are unable to cooperate with the guidelines set forth by ranch staff at the beginning of your tour will be asked to leave and if necessary will be escorted from the premises.

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