Field Trips

Thank you for your interest in a Sharkarosa field trip! 

We provide field trips for organized groups such as private and public schools, day cares, pre-schools, church groups and senior groups.  We are unique in that our facility is closed to the public, Monday through Thursday each week, which enables us to give your group a more personalized experience.  Additionally, we are a secure facility that only admits the students, teachers and pre-approved chaperones the day of your field trip.  Our field trips allow you and your group to enjoy the park for a two hour window. 

We are ever-growing and changing to make the experience we offer new every time you come to see us!  We have made some changes to our program and believe that it will provide an improved program for the kids.  Our field trips will be run based upon the learning level of the kids in attendance.  Additionally, we will be asking you to participate in our improvements by completing an evaluation at the completion of each field trip.  Your feedback will be utilized for our continual growth and improvement.  We strive to always make our best better!

Our field trips include:

  • A sixty minute walk-thru tour of our facilities with one of our expert staff members. 

  • Free time given to enjoy your picnic lunch in our front courtyard, a limited time visit in our petting zoo where the kids have an opportunity to brush some of our residents, visit the playground, or, should you choose to, visit the gift shop for that souvenir for the day!

  • As of January 1, 2022 we no longer offer tram rides.

Very Important:

All field trips have a $300/25 person (students and teachers) minimum.  All reservations are made on a first-come/first-serve basis and no reservation is confirmed without receipt of the $300 non-refundable deposit.  We do require that bookings be made 30-45 days in advance.  Bookings made forty-five (45) days or less from the date of the field trip require payment of the deposit at time of booking.  All other booking deposits will be invoiced via email and are due upon receipt. Groups that book multiple days require a deposit for each day booked. PLEASE NOTE - YOUR FIELD TRIP IS NOT RESERVED UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID AND IS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION IF NOT PAID IN A TIMELY MANNER. Purchase Orders are not accepted as a form of payment.  

Cost of the field trip is as follows:

​Students (students are defined as those in your grade-level and classrooms attending):  $8 each

Teachers:  (Teachers are defined as those teaching the class attending) $8 each 

                 (we comp one teacher for every 20 students)

Bus Drivers:  Free

Additional Attendees (regardless of age):  $15 per person

*Prices subject to change without notice 

Tickets sold online on the Ranch's website are not sold for field trip use.  Your final balance due is collected and turned in the morning of your field trip in one payment.  We do not accept individual payments the morning of the field trip so your chaperone money will also need to be collected in advance and turned in as one payment.  We do not offer refunds.  Failure to pay the balance due the morning of your field trip will result in a late fee and 10 day net terms.

Groupons may not be utilized for field trips. 

To properly staff your field trip, we require an approximate head count at the time of booking.  Any changes to your numbers should be reported as soon as possible so that your final invoice can be accurate for payment the morning of your field trip.  Failure to pay your balance the morning of your field trip will result in late fees.  Deadline for headcount adjustments is one week prior to your field trip - NO EXCEPTIONS. Your headcount should be reported as follows: 

# of students, # of teachers, # additional attendees. Additional attendees are anyone other than a student or teacher attending the field trip regardless of age.  Additional attendees, regardless of age, are admitted for $12 each.  We are unable to process refunds, so your count is very important.  In additional to your final headcount, the first and last names of all your additional attendees must be turned in at this time.  Additional attendees whose names have not been submitted to the Ranch in advance, will not be admitted to the Ranch the day of your field trip.  Our facility is not open to the public during the week.  We are a CLOSED, private facility, and reserved strictly for field trips.  These requirements are made for the safety of your children.  

You may contact the office by email at, or by telephone at 940/686-4600.  The office does not have traditional office hours but someone will respond to you within 48 hours. 

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